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Analise Dlugasch

On February 27, 2015, Analise’s story was cut short, as a result of a choking accident while having dinner with a friend at a restaurant. This incident, like so many others, could have been prevented with immediate intervention and the right skills. Like many young people, Analise did not realize the positive impact she was leaving on those in her life. Luckily, through this endowment her legacy will live on forever.

Meet Analise

About Analise

As a child, Analise Dlugasch was independent and made it a point to always do what she loved. She sometimes sought opinions and asked for suggestions, but that was merely her curiosity to learn about others. She never actually made her final decisions based on what others thought. Her parents, Philip and Lucie, could barely keep up with this innate curiosity. They never had enough books in the house, particularly murder mysteries, for her to read – she sped right through them! At 10 years of age, she developed a love of horses. Her parents were convinced it was simply a phase every young girl went through, but before they knew it, she was participating in equestrian competitions. This tiny girl was mesmerized by these majestic animals. Analise respected them for their size and strength, but somehow she was never intimidated. She was incredibly gentle with her giants. At riding camp, an instructor asked if anyone was willing to ride a particularly spunky horse that would not relent to anyone. Of course, Analise stepped forward. Through every gallop of the way, we realized how brave a woman she would one day become.

With the blink of an eye, Analise found herself in college! She was indecisive about her major, like most college students. One day, a close friend asked her to think about that moment when she wakes up and posed the question, “What job would [she] be happy waking up to every single day?” As one would predict, she initially wanted to work with horses. However, her love of food, both as a person who enjoyed eating just as much as she enjoyed cooking and experimenting with new recipes, led her to entertain the thought of hospitality. She then applied to FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management and got accepted!

Early on at FIU, there was a gathering at her residence hall, where they hosted a food prep workshop. She LOVED it! She felt she was lending a helping hand in making sure everyone not only ate, but also enjoyed their experience as they did so. This workshop, alongside her prior jobs serving and hosting at restaurants, ensured her that she had made the right decision in pursuing her degree in hospitality.
Analise cared about people for who they were, nothing else. She was a good judge of character and a great friend. She was a good listener, and someone you could trust.

Like many young people, she did not realize the impact she was leaving on those in her life, but luckily through this endowment, her legacy will live on forever.


FIU Heart Program

The program was established with funding from the Analise Dlugasch Memorial Endowment. During phase 1, the program aims to teach these invaluable life-saving skills to every hospitality management student at FIU. Phase 2 would expand the training to the entire FIU community, including all students, faculty and staff. Phase 3, and the ultimate goal of the program is to have the program adopted by the hospitality industry in South Florida.

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FIU Heart Program

As a microcosm of the community at large and to build on the service standards of the university, FIU can be proactive in preparing its students, faculty and staff to prevent death and disability from accidents and unexpected health conditions related to those caused by choking and/or cardiac arrest. The program was established with funding from the Analise Dlugasch Memorial Endowment.

Its ultimate goal is take these live-saving skills beyond FIU, to the South Florida hospitality industry, with the hopes of saving lives in the name of Analise Dlugasch.

To make a donation please contact the Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Research at


Training Kit

Approved by the American Heart Association, the program is proven to provide the core basic skills of CPR and choking relief. Thanks to a generous donation by the Dlugasch family and the American Heart Association, 2,000 hospitality management students will be trained this year. But that’s just the start. Learn about the 20-minute training kit, and how you can help ensure every student graduates with these life-saving skills.

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Training Kit

Approved and distributed by the American Heart Association, the Family & Friends® CPR Anytime® Personal Learning Program allows anyone to learn the core skills of CPR in just 20 minutes and does not need a course completion card. The kit contains everything needed to learn basic CPR, AED skills and choking relief anywhere, from the comfort of your home to a large group setting. It is designed to be shared among close family and friends. For every kit, an estimated additional 2.5 people are trained.

For more information on the CPR kits, please visit American Heart Association CPR Training Kit Initiative.

An estimated 2.5 additional people are trained for every person trained with the kit.